DAYS Recap: Julie Soothed Maggie As She Mourned The Loves Of Her Life

To quote Maggie Horton Kiriakis, “50 years ago…and sometimes it feels like yesterday.”

julie williams and maggie horton honored the past on the days of our lives recap for friday, august 18, 2023.Julie Horton helped Maggie through her grief.

In the Days of our Lives recap for August 18, 2023, Suzanne Rogers’s 50th anniversary was marked via a tribute to Maggie Horton Kiriakis and the men who she loved and lost.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Shawn makes Victor’s death all about himself, Brady and Xander actually bond with one another, and Kate and Chloe talk like the former didn’t try and poison the latter like Snow White’s wicked stepmother. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: You Must Remember This…

Despite Maggie (Suzzane Rogers) asking not to be disturbed, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) barreled past Henderson and made her presence known. Maggie appreciated her friend’s moxie.

After situating themselves on the four-poster bed, Maggie confided that she’s been having a time trying to remember her last conversation with Victor. Had she told him that she loved him, or had she signed off with something banal like, “Don’t forget your raincoat” or something? Julie couldn’t answer that. But she could say, and with some authority, that Victor knew how Maggie felt about him.

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Upon declaring her bestie the light of Victor’s life, Julie rued how wrong she and the other Hortons (and, indeed, the majority of Salemites) had been. They’d never thought Maggie and Victor’s romance would last. They were such different people. But, last it did. Probably because Maggie was the only person in the world who always told Victor the truth and who always kept him honest. Well, mostly. Yes, mostly.

Maggie then recalled how, in the aftermath of Mickey’s passing she’d gone on, not so much living her life, as merely existing. She thought it wrong and disloyal to think of any man in a romantic sense. But she couldn’t deny her attraction to, and longing for, Victor.

Though admittedly cold comfort, Julie assured Maggie that she’d get passed losing Victor — just as she got passed losing Mickey. After all, she has so much to live for. Her children, and her grandchildren.

Julie also brought to the fore Maggie’s conquering of life’s adversities. Like how she learned to walk again, how she got sober and helped so many obtain and retain their own sobriety, and how she beat Bonnie (Judi Evans) at all her ridiculous games. Heck, she even came back from the dead!

Before taking her leave, Julie imparted a most wise sentiment: what makes Maggie cry today will bring her comfort tomorrow, and in the years to come it will bring her joy.

DAYS Recap: Fear And Self-loathing In Salem

At the police station, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) howled over how everyone in the family most likely blames him for Victor’s death. After all, if he hadn’t shot Bo (Peter Reckell) and put him in a coma, Victor wouldn’t have been in the Titan jet in the first place.

Belle attempted to dissuade her husband of the notion, but Shawn doubled down. Here his grandfather had died, dramatically and unexpectedly for God’s sake, and no one has picked up the phone to call him. He had to find out from John (Drake Hogestyn), of all people.

No, the Kiriakises clearly blame him. And that’s fine because he blames himself. He is guilty. With that declared, Shawn then stormed off to go and drown his sorrows.

DOOL Recap: Motherload

Brady (Eric Martsolf) paid Xander (Paul Telfer) a visit at The Spectator offices to both make sure he was aware of Victor’s passing and to apologize for kissing Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin). The latter update earned Brady a bloodied nose.

But, rather than continue squabbling, the men turned their attentions to mourning Victor, the man who issued impossible ultimatums, who made unrealistic demands, who pitted them against each other in an effort to bring out their innate competitive instincts and to make them tough and as ruthless as him. Oh, how they hated it. But oh, how they fell in line, and all because they wanted to please the man that they both loved.

Off that rather enlightening chat, Xander made his way to the Kiriakis mansion to visit with Maggie who was otherwise preoccupied with speaking with Bonnie. No matter, Xander could entertain himself by catching up with — PREGNANT SARAH?!

Days of our Lives Recap: Mirror Universe

At the Brady Pub, Chloe gave Kate (Lauren Koslow) her condolences on Victor’s passing and the two had what would pass as a friendly conversation. No wonder Kate was heard to muse that this incident only added to her “paranoia that the whole universe is off kilter.”

The convo very nearly spurred Kate into coming clean to Chloe about Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) being alive and well, but she eventually thought better of it.

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