DAYS Honest Broker: Should Sarah Horton ‘Fess Up About Her Baby?

Does Xander Cook have a right to know about his Daddy DAYS?

sarah horton has a baby secret on days of our lives.Should Sarah Horton spill her baby news?

Days of our Lives has fans wondering: What is Sarah Horton thinking? OK, you can hide a pregnancy from your mom – and the baby’s unwitting bio dad. But how do you hide a whole, entire baby? Does Sarah intend to stay in Chicago forever?

Days of our Lives Polling

Does she plan to only ever visit without her child? Is she going to lie and claim he’s a random orphan she picked up at the hospital? Another illegitimate kid of Rex’s (Kyle Lowder)? In any case, isn’t it about time Sarah came clean? With everyone?

Sarah Horton: The Punisher

There is 2% of voters who believe Xander (Paul Telfer) should never know about his child. Not because that would be best for the child. Nobody cares about that, let’s be honest. But because Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) deserves to take her revenge for the way Xander blew up their marriage. Of course, the problem with that approach is that if Xander never learns he has a child, then he will never know Sarah took revenge on him. So how will he suffer? Because that is what Sarah – and you – care about.

Out of DAYS Sight

A better approach would be for Sarah to tell Xander that he has a son (Sarah’s last child was a girl, so this one will be a boy, that’s Soap Genetics 101), but then to make it clear Xander will have nothing to do with him ever. That’s a much better way to twist the knife, 17% suggest. And it also makes it so that Sarah and the kid can visit Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), stay in the Kiriakis mansion…and torment Xander even more.

Sarah Horton: Half and Half

But for 81% of the audience, both of those plans are petty child’s play. Xander has a right to know, and he has a right to be involved in his offspring’s life. And so does Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), if that’s how Xander wants it. Though we do know what happened the last time Chloe dated a guy with a kid. She just might run away screaming.

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