On the Couch: Why DAYS’ Sarah Horton Is Really Hiding Her Pregnancy

Why is she reliving some of the worst DAYS of her life? We know!

sarah horton of days of our lives on the soap hub couch.It's Sarah Horton's turn on the couch.

Sarah Horton was a hot mess from the moment she set foot on Days of our Lives. She suffered plenty of trauma in Salem, including learning that the baby she’d raised for almost a year had been switched at birth, her own baby was dead, and, oh, yeah, the guy she was about to marry did the switching.

On The Couch: Sarah Horton

So you would think, when it came to her second pregnancy, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) would want as little drama as possible. So why is she creating so much of it? We put Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) daughter on the couch for an in-depth peek into her brain…and her soul.

Days of our Lives: The Supposed Reason

Sarah says that the reason she’s hiding her condition from Xander (Paul Telfer) is that he’s a bad man who kidnapped Bonnie (Judi Evans) and Susan (Stacy Haiduk). Xander did do those things. But, believe it or not, those weren’t even the worst things he’d ever done. And Sarah knew that. And Sarah had forgiven him for worse. So why the sudden need to “protect her child” from his/her horrible father?

DAYS: The Real Reason

Sarah is testing Xander. After all, the last time Sarah was lying about her pregnancy — when she claimed Eric (Greg Vaughan) wasn’t her baby’s daddy, that Xander actually was — Xander proved how much he loved her by going along with the lie. He didn’t just lie to Eric and Maggie and all of Salem.

He really got into the Daddy thing. He took care of Mickey and loved her like she was his own. That only made Sarah love him more. Sarah is waiting for her husband to make another equally grand gesture to prove his devotion to her. So she will have an excuse to forgive him.

Sarah Horton: The Really Real Reason

Playing the role of Xander this time for Sarah is Rex (Kyle Lowder). She’s testing him to see if he’ll stand up for her this time the way Xander did last time. So she’ll have an excuse to choose him over the man she really loves. Either way, what Sarah says she’s doing…ain’t it.

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