Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Linsey Godfrey

The actress took home the prize for playing all the pathos of a love gone wrong.

performer for the week for days of our lives linsey godfreyLindsay Godfrey

This week, DAYS’ Linsey Godfrey got to play it all — high comedy, high drama. She got to experience the vicarious thrill of eviscerating someone in public and tear out the audience’s heart with a display of private pain.

Linsey Godfrey — Performer of the Week

Saving her marriage to Xander (Paul Telfer) is no longer an option as far as Sarah is concerned. Why you may ask? It might have something to do with finding him half-naked with his ex-fiancée Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien)

With a heavy heart, Sarah begged Justin (Wally Kurth) to prepare a divorce decree, and with an even heavier one she sets off for a face-to-face with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

When Xander begged for a second –third? — chance, Godfrey set Sarah’s face into an expressionless mask and made a steely plea of her own: “Just do the right thing — for once. Let me go.”

But Xander wouldn’t be deterred. If Sarah would only hear him out, if she’d only let him clarify what it is she thinks she saw going on between him and Gwen it would change everything.

“What I thought I walked in on?” spit out an incredulous Sarah, before adding, “I know what I saw. You were here, with Gwen, and you were both half-naked.”

True, that’s true, offered Xander. But nothing at all untoward transpired between them. He swears it. It was just a simple, farcical misunderstanding. Sarah, however, couldn’t — or wouldn’t — see the humor.

She also couldn’t — or wouldn’t — bring herself to repeat the cycle that she and Xander had fallen into of late. The one in which he lets her down, she forgives him and takes him back, and then he lets her down all over again.

Xander swears that won’t be the case. Sarah agrees with him. “I’m done Xander,” Godfrey chokes out.

The irony of ironies, getting Xander to finally acquiesce to signing the divorce papers actually turned out to be an easy feat…at least in comparison to getting in love with the concept of love Bonnie Kiriakis (Judi Evans) to accept the inevitable.

When Bonnie got a look at the paperwork in Sarah’s hand, she took ownership and attempted to skedaddle forcing Sarah to corral her and pointedly point out that she’d just have Justin whip her up another copy and then another and then another. Eventually Bonnie would tire of the snatch game.

Off that bit of ridiculousness, Sarah had to then contend with running into platitude-spouting Gwen — whom she had absolutely no time for — and her companion/current bedmate *drumroll please* Xander!

After assuring Xander that if he’d been looking for a way to hurt her, then he’d succeeded, Sarah proceeded to tell Xander and Gwen — quite loudly — all about themselves. And none of it was particularly pleasant.

To punctuate her points and exit the scene with a flourish, Sarah maliciously slapped a to-go box full of treats out of Xander’s hand and stomped away. Once alone, Sarah couldn’t help but curl up and somberly stare at a photograph of her and Xander in happier times.

In the end, Sarah Horton’s no-good, very-bad day resulted in a serious triumph for Linsey Godfrey.

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