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A Text From Xander Sends Gwen Rizczech Into Alex’s Arms

The DAYS recap for Monday, March 12, 2023: Gwen and Alex found a way to improve their lousy day.

days of our lives recap for monday, march 13, 2023, two images of alex and gwen rizczech locking lipsAlex and a disillusioned Gwen Rizczech lock lips

On today’s Days of our Lives, Gwen Rizczech decided to try and get over true love Xander by getting underneath new acquaintance Alex Kiriakis.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Wendy (Victoria Grace) saw a side of Johnny (Carson Boatman) that she didn’t appreciate, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) found himself hoisted by his own petard, and Gabi (Camila Banus) tortured Li (Remington Hoffman) with what he can’t have. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Gwen Rizczech Falls Back Into Old, Bad Habits

After bristling over Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) joining her without expressed permission and deciding that he has a point about “members of the bad day club” sticking together, Gwen (Emily O’Brien) set about introducing herself…not that she really needed to. “We have so many people in common, it’s almost as if we’re old chums.”

The pair then proceeded to drink — and drink, and drink — and commiserate. Gwen recalled how Xander (Paul Telfer) assured her that they could discuss a potential reconciliation once his divorce came through, only to renege when that inevitability came to pass. Alex groused about how his efforts to “backchannel his concerns” about Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) decision-making prowess blew up spectacularly. Both agreed that Maggie might not be the best possible hire for the Titan Industries CEOship.

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Opposite this, Xander bemoaned his probable relationship-busting argument with Gwen to a sympathetic Maggie. Upon hearing that Xander planned to leave the running of The Spectator to Ms. Rizczech — essentially rendering himself unemployed — Maggie floated the idea of Xander filling his hours by filling in at Titan. When Xander wondered what he could possibly do at the company, Maggie helpfully suggested, “[take] over for Alex.”

Intrigued, Xander queried why Maggie would require him and his services vs. Alex and his, necessitating Maggie to relay Alex’s insubordination. After allowing his incredulousness to subside, Xander groused that Victor would never sign off on his hiring, only for Maggie to remind him that she is the one in charge of who is hired and who is fired — not Victor.

Xander promised that he would seriously consider the pseudo-offer, and Maggie encouraged him to do just that. Before taking his leave, Xander shot Gwen a text: “Hi, Gwen. Sorry today was so hard. I hope you are doing alright.”

Said text prompted Gwen, who’d led Alex back to the hotel suite that she shares with Leo (Greg Rikaart) despite having no intention of sleeping with him, to declare herself “not okay,” and to sleep with Alex.

DAYS Recap: Eyes Wide Open

With a chagrined Wendy looking on, an incredulous Tripp (Lucas Adams) blasted Johnny for stealing his hospital I.D., impersonating him, and making off with some lab results. “[You] put my good name, and reputation, at risk all because [you] and [your] family always think that they’re above the rules.”

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days of our lives recap for monday, march 13, 2023, tripp and wendy were shocked by johnny
Johnny DiMera has a lot of explaining to do.

Rather than sincerely apologize, Johnny excused his actions as necessary. And after all, he’d only “borrowed” Tripp’s badge, “for, like, 10 minutes.”

“No, you didn’t borrow, you stole,” corrected Wendy, who then insisted that Johnny vacate her apartment. Before complying, Johnny explained that he’d be calling Wendy tomorrow, assured as he was that, “Once you’ve had time to think about this, you’ll understand.”

EJ Makes A Fool Of Himself, Stefan Emerges Triumphant

Over at the DiMera manse, thanks to his mastery of the beverage switcheroo, Stefan (Brandon Barash) not only got EJ to imbibe a spiked martini but a dosed cup of coffee as well.

The effects of the drug soon took hold, resulting in EJ making an utter fool of himself in front of Wei Shin (Clyde Kusatsu) — the exact fate that he had in mind for Stefan.

While tending to his father alongside a worried Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Johnny — who’d arrived just in time to witness EJ assault, but not batter, Stefan — copped to having tipped his uncle off about someone doping him but swore that he hadn’t dropped EJ’s name.

days of our lives recap for monday, march 13, 2023, has drugged out ej embarrassing johnny
EJ DiMera had Johnny to thank for his predicament.

DOOL Recap: Look But Don’t Touch

Following their evening spent at the van Gogh exhibit, Li (Remington Hoffman) resolved to treat Gabi to her favorite meal at The Bistro — whether she appreciated his efforts or not.

Persistence proved to be key — and despite herself, Gabi enjoyed the steak immensely. What she did not enjoy, however, was Li’s dogged determination to win her back. The more he waxed lyrical about their inevitable reunion, the harder she balked.

Finally tiring of the back-and-forth, Gabi demanded that they get their desert to go and head for the apartment…a prospect that Li didn’t exactly relish given his dislike of the couch on which he’s forced to sleep.

Having settled for the night — and having donned her most seductive lingerie — Gabi emerged to taunt Li with the promise of dreaming about Stefan — her true love — all. Night. Long!

days of our lives recap for monday, march 13, 2023, had gabi in special evening wear
Gabi didn’t mind playing Li Shin’s own game.

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