New DAYS: Should Gwen Rizczech Move on From Xander?

There are plenty of fish in the Salem Sea for these Days of our Lives baddies!

days of our lives gwen rizczech heartbroken by xanderShould Gwen move on from Xander Cook?

Gwen Rizczech has been chasing after Xander, and pretty pathetically, too, for quite a while now on Days of our Lives. Her latest humiliation came when she asked Xander about a future for the two of them. And he basically gave her the I’m Not Ready speech. Which basically translated into: I Don’t Want To Be Ready For You speech.

Days of our Lives Polling

Is it time for Gwen (Emily O’Brien) to cut her losses and move on from Xander (Paul Telfer) once and for all? Here’s what almost 2,000 viewers told us.

Gwen Rizczech: Chances Are

Maybe down the road, but not quite yet, 14% caution. Sure, things look dire. But Gwen still has a chance. Xander didn’t say, “Absolutely no.” He said, “No…for now.” She’s worn him down before. She probably could do it again.

DAYS Waiting Game

Gwen just needs to be patient, 19% of the audience counsels. She’s waited out Xander’s Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) obsession before. She probably could do it again. And, anyway, it’s not like she has any better offers. She’s kind of poison to most of the people in Salem. Xander — we’re not counting Leo (Greg Rikaart) — is one of the few folks who can stomach her. That can turn into love. Or something kind of in that vicinity.

DOOL Love Match

Gwen deserves better than Xander, 67% of you lecture. He doesn’t really love her, and he never really will. Gwen’s mother didn’t love her. Gwen’s father only loves her as long as she lives life his way. Chad (Billy Flynn) only slept with her, and there was no affection there. Xander is just another in a long line of people who use and discard Gwen. Who needs that? We’re here to support Gwen in finding someone else. And if that means leaving Salem in order to do it, well…we can live with that, too. Anything for love!

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