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EXCLUSIVE: Marci Miller Talks What’s Ahead For Chabby

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Chad finally knows Abigail is alive and well on Days of Our Lives. Now comes the hard part.

He has to process his wife’s return and the fact that half of Salem knew she was back before he did. Meanwhile, she has to deal with the fact that her best friend, Gabi, has moved in on her husband.

“Abigail has been scared that Chad is going to be really angry with her for leaving him and Thomas and pretending to be dead,” says Marci Miller (Abigail). “She’s spent so much time being stressed out about that.

Was it the right thing to do? Was it the wrong thing to do? Even when Abigail makes mistakes, she always wants to do the right thing.”

Love Is in the Air
Of course, Chad’s initially overwhelmed with love and joy to see Abigail standing before him in the flesh

“From his perspective, he knows something really terrible had to be going on [for her to leave him],” explains Miller. “So he’s concerned for Abigail and her
well-being. But as time goes on and things continue to unfold, he realizes she’s been alive all this time and consciously made the choice to pretend like she was dead. Then, he begins to get angry.”

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Things escalate when Chad (Billy Flynn) discovers that a lot of people in town knew the truth about Abigail before he did.

The Last One to Know
“By the time Chad finds out, Jennifer knows, JJ knows, Andre knows, Laura knows…” rattles off Walker. “And because Abigail ran into Dario, even he knows. Also, Chad comes from a family of people, who have not been truthful. So it cuts very deeply that the one person he believed was kind and good in the world has now done this very familiar thing: lie to him. So Chad’s hurt and angry.”

Meanwhile, Abigail has reason to be a little hurt and angry, too. After all, she caught Chad and Gabi kissing a few days earlier, causing her to run off and have another panic attack. So she decides to confront Gabi about her budding relationship with her husband.


Hurt and Betrayed
“That’s really tough on Abigail and it hurts,” admits Miller. “But at the same time she’s a reasonable and rational person. Abigail believes that this is her fault, that this only happened because she chose to leave and ‘be dead.’

“Yet, there is a sense of betrayal, too,” continues Miller. “Although Abigail doesn’t feel she has the right to feel betrayed, because it’s her fault. And she really loves Gabi (Camila Banus). She knows she’s a wonderful woman with a big heart. If Abigail were actually dead, Gabi would probably be the kind of woman that she would love to see Chad move on with.”

Chad and Abigail: The Sequel
So what’s next for Chad and Abigail? “[The writers] allow Chad time to be angry and frustrated for a while,” previews…continue reading on the next page —>

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