Second DAYS Time Around: Should Johnny DiMera Fight For Chanel?

Is Chanel Dupree ready to risk her heart again?

days of our lives johnny dimera and chanel dupree.Does Chanel Dupree still have feelings for her ex?

Johnny DiMera gave it some thought on Days of our Lives, and then he told his grandma Marlena that he was still in love with Chanel. We’re not surprised.

Days of our Lives Polling

After all, they only split up the first time because Johnny was possessed by the devil. He’s feeling much better now. But does that mean he should go after his ex-wife – again? What almost 2,000 fans would like to see happen:

The Other Woman

Chanel (Raven Bowens) only has eyes for Talia (Aketra Sevellian) these days, 7% would like to remind. It’s stupid, after everything Talia has done to Chanel and her family. But Chanel’s romantic taste has always been questionable. As long as she’s got romantic fantasies about the woman who tried to destroy her, Johnny (Carson Boatman) might as well find a different hobby.

Johnny DiMera: The Lonely Guy

Johnny doesn’t really want Chanel, 15% of you dismiss. Wendy (Victoria Grace) is who he wanted, and now that she’s dumped him, he’s just lonely. There aren’t a lot of women Johnny’s age in Salem – who he isn’t related to. His pickings are slim, and with Wendy gone, Chanel is one of his few options left. He should think a little harder. Maybe Marlena (Deidre Hall) can hypnotize him or something.

A Fine Romance

But it looks like 78% of viewers are big, old romantics. You think Johnny should absolutely pursue Chanel, and he should do it in a big, sweeping, dashing, big, old romantic way. Last time, he took her to Italy and proposed. He could try Italy again. She does like remembering the churches, the food…and the Johnny on the spot. Or he could opt for another sexy location. Argentina? Monte Carlo? New Zealand…No, that last one is probably a bad idea. Johnny DiMera doesn’t need any more competition.

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