DAYS Chances Are: Are Chanel Dupree and Talia a Possibility?

Can a DAYS love story for Chanel Dupree and Talia grow out of lack of trust?

days of our lives chanel dupree and talia hunter.Will Chanel Dupree give Talia another chance?

Talia was in Marlena’s office on Days of our Lives, both wondering if she were really in love with Chanel Dupree and whether there was any chance for the two of them after she tried to destroy Chanel’s entire family. Marlena didn’t have an answer to either question. But the fans surely do. Can these two ever make it work?

Days of our Lives Spark Plug

There is definitely chemistry there, 7% can’t help but notice. Chanel (Raven Bowens) was interested in Talia (Aktera Sevillian) even before she knew that Talia reciprocated her feelings. And, hey, no harm done! All of Salem has decided that Colin (Jasper Newman) was the bad guy, and Talia was an innocent victim who had no control over her actions. So what’s the problem?

Talia: Slow Dance With Chanel Dupree

As long as they don’t rush it, 31% caution. They went too fast the first time. And look what happened. They need to get to know each other. Who they really are. Not who they’re pretending to be. Talia needs to make sure she is never manipulated again — since she is so prone to it.

And Chanel needs to make sure she isn’t manipulating Talia — since Chanel is so prone to that. And also that she is totally over Allie (Lindsay Arnold). And Johnny (Carson Boatman). And the Talie she thought she knew. Yeah. This is going to take a while.

DAYS: Matter of Trust

No way, no how, no go, 62% of the audience doesn’t want to hear about it. Talia is a liar, and Chanel can never trust her. It’s impossible to build a relationship without trust. Especially with these two, who are so scattered to begin with. Chanel and Talia both need to grow up first. Grow up a lot. And they can’t do that together. We’re not even sure they’ll be able to pull it off apart.

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