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Soap Hub Performer(s) Of The Week For DAYS: Aketra Sevillian & Raven Bowens

And it’s a tie as two young actresses match each other, head-to-head, in outstanding performances.

aketra sevillian and raven bowens are days' performer(s) of the week.Aketra Sevillian as Talia Hunter and Raven Bowens as Chanel Dupree

Though neophytes in the grand scheme of things, DAYS’ Aketra Sevillian and Raven Bowens rose up and met the challenges of a most taxing script and wrung out masterful performances that their betters could [and should] be proud of.

Aketra Sevillian and Raven Bowens — Performer(s) Of The Week

Talia Hunter, Sevillians’ alter ego had something to get off her chest — she’s not been completely honest with Raven Bowens’ Chanel Dupree. “The only reason I kissed you at Sweet Bits and the only reason I asked you out is because someone put me up to it.”

Bowens, telegraphing equal parts aggravated and bemusement, demanded further explanation, namely who it was that was pulling Talia’s strings.

Fighting back rising tears, her voice cracking, Sevillian readied to launch into a rather lengthy explanation, and managed to get as far as explaining she was doing the bidding of her boyfriend before Bowens — who had to wrap Chanel’s head around just why it was this mystery man would want Talia to hook up with her — came at her with a testy, “Is he looking for a threesome because been there done that.”

“No, no it’s nothing like,” continued Sevillian, adding that “he wanted me to break your heart.” Chanel wondered why someone she didn’t even know would want to do that to her, why they would want to be so cruel. “He knows you. He’s Sloan’s Petersen’s brother.” offered Talia by way of explanation.

Bowens’s jaw went slack and her hand rose up to cover her gaping mouth. The news had hit Chanel like a ton of bricks. As she slowly but surely pieced together the particulars, Sevillian began to blubber.

Talia tried to explain away Colin’s (Jasper Newman) acts — “He was traumatized by what happened, okay?” — and while Sevillian’s emotions heightened, Bowens’ became more measured, more controlled. Icy.

But then the damn broke. Chanel railed at Talia for her subterfuge. Bowens growled out her dialogue. Sevillian continued her crying jag, her attempts to mitigate the damage Talia and Colin wrought came out in pained whimpers and some lines were said in barely a whisper.

By the time Raven Bowens ordered Aketra Sevillian out of her room and out of her life, both actresses seemed exhausted, drained as no doubt were the audience who’d bore witness to the searing scenes.

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