Pop Goes the Days of our Lives Weasel: Did Bo Brady Kill Kate?

Is Salem ready for a murderous Bo Brady?

days of our lives bo brady holds a gun on kate robertsDid Bo Brady kill Kate?

On Days of our Lives, Bo Brady went out into the woods with Kate and a gun. He announced that he was going to kill her. She tried to talk him out of it by reminding him that they were family. Kate is Bo’s daughter’s grandmother.

Days of our Lives Polling

Besides, since when is he Megan’s (Miranda Wilson) puppet? Bo (Peter Reckell) didn’t seem to be listening, and then we heard a gunshot. But did Bo really do as Megan ordered?

DOOL: Bye-Bye, Love

Around a whole whopping 1% of you believe that this is it for Kate (Lauren Koslow). For one thing, Kate has survived worse. How many times has she been killed? The most recent one was her presumed death from a weird respiratory thing. And the year before that, she was buried alive. This woman is the terminator of Salem. And Bo isn’t nearly up to the task of stopping her.

Days of our Lives: Doesn’t Matter To Bo Brady

Rolf brought Kate back from the dead before. He can do it again, 7% predict. Even if Bo did kill Billie’s mother, Rolf can just throw her back into one of those tubes — her old one is probably still warm — and reboot her. Again. No one will ever die on DAYS again. So we’re not even going to pretend to care.

Holding Out for a DAYS Hero

But, in the end, 92% of the audience knows that Bo is a hero. And heroes don’t kill innocent people. Unless they have a very, very good reason. And Bo didn’t here. And now, he’s broken away from Megan (Miranda Wilson).

He’s not going to be her muscle anymore. Or her boy toy. And if Bo is strong enough to tell Megan he’s leaving, then he’s strong enough to resist her command to kill Kate. We’re betting he shot in the air and helped Kate get away. Megan’s whole operation is going down. And Bo will prove he’s been one of the good guys all along.

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