DAYS Tea Time: Should Leo Stark Spill to Gwen About Dimitri?

Are there dark DAYS ahead for these BFF’s?

gwen, leo stark, and leo sleeping with dimitri on days of our lives.It would break Gwen Rizczech's heart.

Leo Stark had his suspicions about Dimitri Von Leuschner from the start on Days of our Lives. He knew the cool count was hiding something about his insta-relationship with Gwen Rizczech, not to mention the fishy marriage proposal.

Leo Stark: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

But Leo (Greg Rikaart) didn’t expect Dimitri (Peter Porte) to plant a big, wet one on him and proclaim his attraction to his fiancée’s BFF, either. Not that this stopped Leo from instantly hitting the sheets with Dimitri. Now the only question is: Should Leo tell his Gwennie (Emily O’Brien)?

Pain Relief

What would be the point, 6% insist. It would only hurt Gwen. And she’s been hurt enough. First, Chad (Billy Flynn) rejected her for manipulating him and his wife. Then, Xander (Paul Telfer) rejected her for lying to him and keeping the true love of his life trapped on a DiMera island. Men, am I right? Why confirm that she’s a three-time loser?

Talk Therapy

Leo (Greg Rikaart) should just talk Gwen out of the marriage, instead, 17% of you suggest as an alternative. He should stress how she knows nothing about the man. How out of place she will feel in his royal family. How they’ll look down on her and treat her like dirt. How she’s to be expected to produce heir after heir, and woe be to her if they’re girls instead of boys! Gwen deserves more than a life as a broodmare. She should just walk away. And be the one to dump Dimitri.

Protection Order

Friends don’t let friends marry men who aren’t wholly into them, 77% sternly point out. Leo owes it to Gwen to tell her the truth and protect her from Dimitri’s cruel plan. And if he really wants to prove that he loves her best, Leo should commit to never sleeping with Dimitri again. After all, we all need to sacrifice in the name of friendship.

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