Are Stephanie and Chad DiMera Meant To Be on Days of our Lives?

Is this a pairing meant to last more than a few DAYS?

chad dimera and stephanie kiss on days of our lives.Chad DiMera and Stephanie.

Chad DiMera and Stephanie have decided to take a major step and move in together on Days of our Lives. That way, Stephanie can be there to watch Thomas and Charlotte for free, and whenever Chad walks in on Stephanie daring to talk to Alex again, he can throw him out because it’s his house. It doesn’t feel like they’ve known each other for all that long. Are Stephanie and Chad rushing into things, or is this couple built to last?

Chad DiMera: Familiar Faces

In some way, Chad (Billy Flynn) and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) already feel like an old married couple. Their first couple of dates weren’t romantic dinners for two, followed by holding hands as they strolled along a moonlight path. Instead, Chad and Stephanie spent their early days going ice skating and sipping hot chocolate…alongside Chad’s two children. It’s nice that he’s a devoted dad, and sweet that Stephanie is so concerned about her little cousins. But they were a family before they were lovers. And that seems backward. Not to mention unexciting.

Days of our Lives: Rush Hour

And didn’t the decision to move in together feel awful sudden? Like it had more to do with them wanting to make a statement — and get out of Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) house — than it did with actually wanting to spend every waking — and sleeping — moment together? It’s like they can’t think of anything else to do. So, yeah, sure. Why not that?

DAYS: Spoiler Space

Or did their mutual decision have nothing to do with the kids, or Julie, or even their feelings for each other? Maybe their mutual decision was, in fact, connected to Stephanie. And Alex (Robert Scott Wilson). And how Chad felt whenever he saw Stephanie with Alex. Or, more importantly, how Stephanie felt whenever she was with Alex. And how Chad felt about that.

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