Days of our Lives Mansplaining: Eric Brady Lays Down The Law To Sloan

Will Eric be the one to break Sloan of her wicked, wicked ways on Days of our Lives?

eric brady tried to help sloan on days of our lives.Eric isn't happy with Sloan Petersen's vendetta.

Sloan Peterson has a tendency to throw tantrums on Days of our Lives. Especially when she doesn’t get her way. Which is a lot of the time, since all of Salem is pretty much against her. Should Eric Brady put on his priest voice and explain to Sloan why her behavior is unacceptable?

Days of our Lives: Fight For Your Right

This is beyond none of Eric’s (Greg Vaghan) business, 4% of the audience is perfectly comfortable asserting. If he doesn’t like how she’s handling her grief over her mom’s death, he knows where the door is. He’s free to not want to be a part of it. He is not free to tell her how she should act, much less how she should feel.

Eric Brady: Spell Is Out Slowly on Days of our Lives

Sloan doesn’t know what’s good for her, 47% of you point out. It’s up to Eric to lay out all the consequences of her actions. She’s just a ditzy woman, obsessed with some silly misunderstanding. And if she is expanding her energy on getting revenge on Paulina (Jackee Harry) and Chanel (Raven Bowens), then she is not expending her energy on making Eric happy. And if she’s not making Eric happy, then he just might leave her. And that would be the worst consequence of all.

DAYS: Hands Off

Eric can lecture Sloan until his face turns as blue as his eyes, 49% dismiss, but, in the end, he can’t make this leopard change her spots. Sloan will do what Sloan wants, and Sloan will feel the way Sloan wants. She’s made it clear she doesn’t need Eric’s approval. Which, you go, girl! The question is what is Eric willing to put up with? Because Sloan isn’t going to pay his stern warnings any mind. She, unlike Nicole (Arianne Zucker) doesn’t have fantasies of Father Eric taking her confession – or telling her she’s a bad, bad girl.

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