Days of our Lives Chaos: Is Sloan The One Stalking Paulina Price?

Who is going around tearing up Days of our Lives offices?

paulina price is being terrorized on days of our lives and she thinks it's sloanIs Sloan Petersen playing with Paulina?

Paulina Price is convinced that Sloan is the one who trashed her office on Days of our Lives and left the threatening arts and crafts project. Sloan denied it. And the police couldn’t scrounge up a single piece of evidence beyond Paulina’s dramatic finger-pointing. But who cares what the police think? What matters is what the ultimate judges – the viewers – think. Is Sloan the one terrorizing Paulina?

Days of our Lives Polling

Sloan spent years coming up with her revenge plan against Chanel (Raven Bowens) and Paulina (Jackée Harry). Why would she do something so stupid and pointless, 25% of you dismiss? Sloan isn’t dumb. She wants Paulina and Chanel to pay. And to pay more than just hiring a cleaning service to tidy up her office. This is childish and petty. And Sloan wants devastating – and final.

Paulina Price Revenge: Best Served Cold By Sloan

Sloan wants revenge, 33% of the audience reminds, and when she couldn’t get it through the courts, she threw a temper tantrum in front of Eric (Greg Vaughan). It makes perfect sense that she’d then take the tantrum to Paulina’s office. Throwing things on the floor sounds exactly like the level Sloan would sink to. As for the note, well, she wanted Paulina to know this wasn’t over.

DAYS: Hired Hand

Even Eric was smart enough to propose that Sloan wouldn’t do the damage herself. She would obviously hire somebody else to do it, 42% of winning voters are willing to bet. Of course, if that were the case, we do wonder why she wouldn’t also come up with a better alibi than, “I was home alone, asleep.” But maybe this is all a part of Sloan’s mysterious plan. Maybe she does want to be arrested and even put on trial. Sloan plays the long game. We just need to figure out what the real game is.

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