Boss Baby: Who Should Run DiMera Enterprises on Days of our Lives?

Could there be a compromise in Salem?

days of our lives ej dimera, li shin, stefan dimeraWho should run DiMera Enterprises on Days of our Lives?

The DiMera family is at it again on Days of our Lives. They are all lying, scheming, and drugging each other to win the top spot at DiMera Enterprises. Who should be the heir in charge?

Days of our Lives College Boy

Li (Remington Hoffman) is the only one qualified for the job, 6% point out. He picks up the slack every time a DiMera is in prison, in love…or dead. He’s a professional. And, yeah, he got the job due to his own dad. But he’s still not the nepo baby everyone else is.

DOOL: Brain Dead

So Stefan’s (Brandon Barash) brain got a little scrambled recently, so what, 13% shrug? He’s still the best candidate for the job. Stefan has the best of both worlds. Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) genetic legacy…but a life lived away from his particular brand of crazy. Sure, Stefan also inherited some crazy from his mother, Vivian (Louise Sorel). But he’s still on the saner side of the family. Which is really saying something.

DAYS: Heir Apparent

On the other hand, 28% voted for his brother, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). EJ’s brains haven’t been scrambled lately. He’s only been a little drugged. And he shook that off pretty well. EJ had run the company on and off since he grew up — very quickly — and accepted his father’s legacy. He is the only one responsible enough to run Stefano’s company…without totally turning into Stefano.

Days of our Lives: Brothers in Others

But the majority, 53% of the audience, would like to see a team up. EJ and Stefan both have their strengths…and their weaknesses. By working together, they can check each other. Besides, it’s more fun when they’re constantly jockeying for position. Why would you want to deprive us of the fun of watching them go head to head, which is what would happen if one brother wins for good?

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