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Days of our Lives Fair Play: Does EJ DiMera Deserve Stefan’s Revenge?

Is this going to backfire in a big DAYS way?

days of our lives ej dimera has angered stefan dimeraDoes EJ DiMera deserve his brother seeking revenge against him?

EJ DiMera didn’t understand why he was off his game on Days of our Lives. Though Johnny showing up with a vial of drugs found at the office seemed to be offering him a teeny bit of a clue — a clue both EJ and Nicole eventually figure out.

Days of our Lives Polling

Stefan (Brandon Barash) is getting back at his half-brother for EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) business machinations against him. But does EJ really deserve to be treated like this?

EJ DiMera: Sibling Rivalry

EJ thinks he’s so smart. Well, Stefan is smarter, 16% of you crow. EJ thought he’d be able to get away with stealing their father’s company out from under Stefan, but that was a short-term victory. Stefan made EJ look like a fool at this press conference. Who cares if it hurts the company? It hurts EJ, which is what matters most.

DAYS Fighting Dirty

We tell kids to use their words, not their fists. And it’s the same thing here. Stefan is free to outwit EJ, but hurting him physically is beyond the pale, according to 39% of the audience. In fact, the drugging is kind of pathetic. It suggests Stefan doesn’t think he can beat EJ fair and square. In the end, it will make him look weaker. And prompt EJ to fight harder by sinking equally as low.

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EJ DiMera Days of our Lives Payback

EJ does deserve to be cut down to size, 45% of voters agree. But this is not the way to do it. Steal his shares, seduce Nicole (Arianne Zucker), get Gabi (Camila Banus) on your side, heck, even Li (Remington Hoffman). But what is the endgame for drugging EJ?

Yes, he looks stupid in public. You think that will be enough to get him removed for good? And even if he does, how long will that last? EJ is onto you now. He’s going to come back and hit even harder. You are better off doing this fair and square and being able to hold onto your new position than doing something which can be undone in minutes.

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