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Days of our Lives Character Recap: Gabi Hernandez

Days of our Lives GabiDays of our Lives Gabi

Gabi Hernandez – from innocent doe-eyed teen to Queen of Scheme. From put upon heroine to steel-hearted lady of the manor. This Days of our Lives character has had quite the transformation.

Who Is, Gabi Hernandez?

Gabriella Adriana Josephina is the youngest child of Eduardo and Adrianna Hernandez and the sister of Rafael Alejandro, Dario, and Arianna. When Gabi first arrived in Salem, it was ostensibly so she could celebrate Thanksgiving with Rafe and Arianna but she managed to talk her siblings into allowing her to stay.

Upon enrolling at Salem High, Gabi developed a crush on Chad but it was Will Horton whom she turned to for comfort when Arianna was killed in a hit and run. The two remained close even after Will confessed to being gay and attempted to push her away.

A Bad Girl Is Born
Turning her sights back to Chad, Gabi was disillusioned to find him courting Melanie Jonas so she schemed to separate them. To further that goal, she worked with an acquaintance to make it appear that she had a stalker and Chad – ever the White Knight – came to her “rescue.”

However, Gabi was double-crossed when her partner in crime wound up kidnapping and holding Melanie hostage! When the truth was outed, Chad turned his back on Gabi and she, in turn, had a one night stand with a confused and self-pitying Will.

Their assignation led to the birth of Arianna (named, of course, after the aunt she would never meet) but rather than name Will as the birth father, Gabi claimed it was her latest beau Nick Fallon.

However, Nick’s homophobia, controlling ways, and violent tendencies doomed the relationship to failure. When Gabi attempted to break up with him, Nick tried to rape her and she believed she killed him in an act of self-defense. When he returned, very much alive, she corrected her mistake by shooting him dead!

As a result, she was jailed but her sentence was subsequently commuted when it was discovered her due process had not been honored. Now a free woman, Gabi found contentment with JJ Deveraux – but only for a time.

After he cheated on her with Lani Price, Gabi again targeted Chad, and this time, he was far more receptive to her charms. However, the romance was scuttled when Chad’s true love, Abigail (presumed dead by all) suddenly reappeared in his life.

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On the rebound, Gabi took up with Eli Grant but when she and Chad found themselves stranded on an island, they made love. Afterward, she reunited with Eli but he eventually left her for Lani.

An Attempt Too Right Wrongs
But Gabi was soon to realize that having been cast aside yet again was the least of her worries. Abigail’s psyche splintered into a number of alternate personas, one of whom framed Gabi for the murder of Andre DiMera – an action taken by Abigail herself.

After being railroaded into a jail cell, Gabi was brutally attacked by a fellow inmate and the beating resulted in her believing (she was told it may be impossible) she can never have another child. When she was eventually freed (and received less than an apology from her imprisoner), Gabi sought revenge.

To that end, she doctored paternity results naming Chad the father of Abigail’s baby to instead claim Stefan DiMera was the papa. Furthermore, she attempted to gaslight Abby into believing that her alters were returning.

Thin Line Between Love and Hate
When the scheme was rumbled, Gabi was ostracized from many at the time – but she was far from contrite. In fact, she turned her ire towards Abigail’s “partner-in-crime” Stefan, whom she planned to bed, wed, and bilk. Though she achieved the former goals, she couldn’t quite bring herself to rob her new husband of his fortune – she was in love and wanted to rule the DiMera roost beside him!

And, for a time, they were happy. But his subsequent shooting death by Lani hardened Gabi further. Though she agreed to donate Stefan’s heart to an ailing Julie, Gabi ensured that the installed pacemaker could be operated remotely via an app she downloaded onto her phone.

Then she used her newfound power to force Lani into breaking up with Eli and fleeing Salem. But just like every scheme she ever perpetrated, this one backfired on her spectacularly.

She was able to finagle her way out of a lengthy prison sentence – by leveraging her much-in-demand bonemarrow – so Gabi is free to wreak more havoc in Salem! Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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