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The Many Deaths of Andre DiMera on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)

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Andre DiMera has met his maker, again, proving there’s no end to the number of times a character can die on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

This time around, Andre (Thaao Penghlis) was murdered in his office at DiMera Enterprises, the victim of a blunt force trauma. Left behind were an urn and ashes – the urn that held the ashes of Andre’s late lookalike, Tony.

It’s not the first time Andre has “died.” Here’s a list of the others.

Sandy Hook
After stowing away on a plane headed to Haiti with several Salemites in 1985, Andre emerged and demanded the pilot change courses. Instead, the terrified pilot had a heart attack and the plane crashed onto a remote island, where Tony’s mother Daphne died in his arms.

Tony lunged for Andre and the two had a vicious fight that ended with Andre falling into a patch of quicksand and sinking to his “death.”

The Big Bang
While posing as Tony in 1995, Andre traveled to Aremid to attend Peter and Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) wedding, where he plotted to kill himself and set up John (Drake Hogestyn) for murder. After the nuptials, Andre lured John to his room and bated him into a fight.

A house full of people listened as Andre begged John not to shoot him. As they ran to his room, Andre activated a gun he had rigged to fire a bullet into his chest. The wound was fatal and he “died.”

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Mauled and Drugged
Taking center stage during a special Horton Circus act in 2004, Andre (once again pretending to be Tony) prepared to reveal the identity of the Salem Stalker. But when a bucket of blood was dumped on his head, he was viciously attacked by a tiger.

After being rushed to the hospital, Marlena (Deidre Hall), who appeared to be the serial killer, entered Andre’s room and administered a lethal drug into his IV. Moments later, he “expired.”

Pulling the Plug
After taking Hope (Kristian Alfonso) hostage, Andre raced to the top of the rooftop, where Bo (Peter Reckell) shot him in 2007. Andre fell to the ground and sustained major injuries. At the hospital, Shawn Brady Sr. considered pulling the plug on the evil Andre’s life support, but couldn’t go through with it.

So Andre opted to get one last act of revenge on the Bradys by turning off the machine, himself, hoping Shawn would be blamed for his “demise.”

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