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Paul Telfer and Days of our Lives Want To Thank This Hilarious and Dedicated Fan

Days of our Lives Paul TelferDays of our Lives Paul Telfer

Last Saturday, Soap Twitter lit up with a video shared for Days of Our Lives fans. In this video, a man was almost moved to tears (yet in a hilarious way) over his fear that his favorite soap might be canceled after reading reports that surfaced last week. Now Paul Telfer has responded with his desire to find this superfan so he can tell him what it meant to the cast and crew of this beloved soap.

Paul Telfer And Days of our Lives Impressed

The actor, who plays Xander on the soap, reached out with a tweet in an attempt to find out more about the man who created the video. After quoting some of his favorite lines, he added, “Does anyone know his name or if he’s on Twitter? This kind of support means so much to us, would love to thank him!”

Soap Hub did a little digging and uncovered the identity of this funny man. He’s comedian/personality Josh Pray, who has his own YouTube channel in which he shares skits, music, and music/movie reviews.

Business As Usual
Several big media outlets caught wind of the hiatus that DAYS had been planning for months, which the actors all knew about in advance. Non-soap media began writing dire predictions about the soap’s fate, upsetting many fans including Pray. It caused actors like Freddie Smith (Sonny) to speak out about what is really going on.

As for DAYS, the show must go on and is going on, with actors shooting new episodes up until the Thanksgiving break. There is still no word on exactly when they’ll return in 2020, with Smith saying it could be as early as January and as late as April. Time will tell.

Let’s Do The Time Jump

In the meantime, fans can continue to watch how the time jump unfolds — that is if the impeachment proceedings don’t cause the show to skip a day. Continue to stay tuned to NBC and Soap Hub to find out how the network is handling it. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Josh Pray

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