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Tina Huang Is Excited To See Melinda Tear Down Her Walls

Melinda Trask has been getting in on more of the Salem action lately.

tina huang talks about her days of our lives character melinda trask when she was faking sleeping with stefan.Tina Huang shares her hopes for Melinda Trask.

Days of our Lives fans have recently gotten to see a more playful side of tough-talking District Attorney Melinda Trask, and her portrayer, Tina Huang, reveals that she has been enjoying it and hopes to see her character tear down her walls.

Tina Huang Opens Up

The actress was the latest cast member featured on the DAYS YouTube account going in-depth about her character. “The thing about Melinda is that she’s really justice-oriented, and I can completely relate to that,” she said, wagging her finger in agreement. “She may not have the best means to get to where she needs to, but she’s always trying to defend the innocent.”

Well, Chanel (Raven Bowens) may disagree, especially when Melinda came at her hard. But now her oppressor, Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty), is in Melinda’s sites, and she’s the one who better be careful now that the D.A. is gunning for her.

While the actress does feel some similarities with her character, she admits there is a difference. “Now I’m different from Melinda because I am not willing to tear people down to get what I need.” A clip of Belle (Martha Madison) followed, in which she told her brother Eric (Greg Vaughan) that Trask wants his head on a pike.

“I guess I don’t really believe in the ends justify the means,” laughed Huang. “I really like Melinda because she is so direct, and I think there is no mincing words with her and being a New Yorker,” she smiled, “I love that…when someone bluntly tells me what I need to do.”

Of course, then the clips switched to Stefan (Brandon Barash), who has been helping Melinda show a completely different side of herself. “I really love showing Melinda’s playful and fun side. She’s really a lot goofier than people would think, but she has to let her walls down. I’m really excited to see Melinda tear down those walls.” See Tina Huang for yourself in the video below.

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