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DAYS Star Elia Cantu Dishes The 411 On Her Character, Jada Hunter

Jada Hunter has been drawn to Rafe Hernandez…her boss.

elia cantu, the actress who portrays jada hunter on days of our lives with shots of jada and rafeFind out more about the Days of our Lives actress and the character she plays.

No longer the new girl in town, Jada Hunter is becoming a beloved member of Days of our Lives, and the actress who plays her, Elia Cantu, has become quite fond of her. But is she like her character? Find out how they differ and also a little bit about what’s coming up with one of Salem’s finest.

Elia Cantu Dishes Jada Hunter

“The thing about Jada is that she’s actually pretty sensitive,” shares Cantu in a video that was posted on the Days of our Lives YouTube page. The point is brought home as clips of her getting a supportive hug from Kate (Lauren Koslow) plays in the background.

“She has a very big heart and a bigger punch,” she added, while we see her hugging her sister Talia (Aketra Sevillian). “Anyone she loves, she will fight for them and will fight for herself.” That final point was brought home over a video of Jada telling off Eric (Greg Vaughan) as her boss, Rafe (Galen Gering), watched.

Cantu changed gears and explains how she isn’t like her character. “Jada and I are different in that she is very put together. She’s very by the book. I would say me, Elia…I like to color outside the lines,” she smiled. The next segment digs deeper into Jada and Rafe’s attraction for each other and how Talia may be stoking those forbidden (according to Rafe) flames.

It wasn’t that long ago that Rafe announced to his detective, who was trying to let her feelings for him be known, that Mayor Abe Carver (James Reynolds) had issued an edict that there shouldn’t be any office romance, no matter what he might be feeling for her as well. So that’s that, right? Or is it? Stay tuned to find out and watch this adorable video with Elia Cantu below.

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