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Mommy Dearest: Is Haley Melinda’s Daughter on Days Of Our Lives?

Melinda and Haley Days of Our LivesMelinda and Haley Days of Our Lives

Put aside everything Days Of Our Lives got wrong in their illegal immigration story  — Hayley had ample opportunities to get a visa, local cops don’t work for ICE, etc… – and focus on the soapy aspect of this tale.

No, not the obviously looming quickie green-card marriage – hi, there, sudden new bestie, Tripp (Lucas Adams) – but the possibility that Melinda (Laura Kai Chen) might not be Haley’s (Thia Megia) sister, not her mother.

Over 4,000 viewers have a theory:

No Doubt About It
It’s kind of obvious, 85% of you point out. Remember how upset Melinda got when JJ (Casey Moss) thought that’s who she was.

She nearly bit his head off, asking if JJ thought she possibly looked old enough to be Haley’s mother. (Then again, head-biting is kind of Melinda’s default state.)

And remember how Haley said her sister was already living in the US by the time she was born? Do we need to draw you a picture? It’s one of the oldest soap tropes in the book!

Plus, it would magically hand-wave away all of Hayley’s problems if she was either born in the USA, or Melinda was a US citizen when she went to China to dump the unwanted baby on her parents.

Try Again
It’s too obvious, 15% of the audience please, please don’t put us through this. Melinda being Haley’s biological mother will mean Haley shrieking, Melinda defending, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) finding a way to use it to Jack’s (Matthew Ashford) advantage, and us snoring.

Couldn’t you try to surprise us this time? Like maybe Haley’s biological dad is… oh, sure, why not John (Drake Hogestyn), he’s the most fertile guy of the moment. Think outside the box, writers!

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