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Man Wanted: Who Is the Right Fellow For Paulina On Days of our Lives?

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Paulina blew into Days of our Lives full of tips about how everyone around her should – and shouldn’t – lead their lives. Her own life, however, seems to be missing that key necessity for every soap opera character – a love interest. Viewers told us who they think that should be:

Days of our Lives Polling: Freshly Packed

There is no one currently on the canvas who is good enough for the breath of fresh air that is Paulina (Jackée Harry), 74% of you have decreed. Paulina has too much energy, spark, and joie de vivre to settle for a Salem stick in the mud. She needs a new man imported just for her. Someone who she can mold into her own image. She seems to like that. She’ll start with Salem Square, then move on to the folks who work there.

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Obvious Abe

Only 24% of the audience went in the direction the show has been pushing them and voted for Abe (James Reynolds). Good, old Abe. Good, old, reliable Abe. Good, old, reliable, obvious Abe. Every woman of color who comes to Salem gets tossed in his direction to see what will happen. The answer is usually… nothing. Or something off-screen.

He and Valerie were fun, but she got written off. Now here comes Paulina. She wants something from the Mayor, which means they are going to spend a lot of time together. How much do you want to bet the writers will dub that a storyline and call it a day?

When In Rome…

Only 2% think Roman (Josh Taylor) would be an interesting choice. Paulina is so… out there. And Roman is so… in there. She’s up and about, and he’s buttoned up. She flits from place to place, and he rarely steps out from behind the bar. She could bring him to life. And he could bring her down to earth. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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