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Killing Will Was Wrong: Alison Sweeney’s Back To Make It Right


Friday the 13th in October will be quite a day indeed in Days of Our Lives (DOOL) land. That’s the day Sami Brady comes sweeping back into Salem to figure out just what’s going on with that little talk that Will might not be dead after all.

Sami is in Europe when she hears the rumors, and knowing they are coming from his killer, she doesn’t quite believe them and who can blame her?

As Alison Sweeney told TV Insider’s Michael Logan, “Sami cried her heart out over Will’s cold, dead body as it lay on a slab in the Salem morgue. So you bet she’s suspicious.”

We admit, we’re a bit suspicious as well, but Chandler Massey assured us that the writers came up with a medically plausible explanation for Will suddenly being alive after all, so we have to believe it.

Sweeney reiterated to Logan her disappointment with the decision to kill Will to begin with, noting it was the only time she’s ever spoken out against the show she called home since her teens until three years ago.

“I still stand by my opinion. That was the only complaint about DAYS I’ve ever made out loud. It’s not my place and it’s not my way to do that sort of thing, but it had to be said.”

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And, for good reason. As Sweeney explains, Will was Sami’s life and who made the character tick.

“For almost my entire run on DAYS, Sami’s overarching story was all about Will. She would lie for him, kill for him. Her fights over that kid were huge! She was always Mama Bear so when he died it was horrible,” Sweeney told Logan.

“Even the guys on the crew were crying when we shot those scenes! It was a very big deal. I think the audience connected with Will in a much deeper way than they do with most soap kids because he pretty much grew up on camera. He wasn’t just trotted out at holidays and then aged 10 years overnight. There’s a real investment there.”

Watching Will grow in real time and knowing he was a legacy character (a Horton and a Brady) are exactly what made his death so horrifying for longtime fans–and so unacceptable.

That one story arc ushered in a downward spiral for the soap just before its 50th anniversary that never stopped–until now. Welcome back, Will, and welcome back, Sami.

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