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Is Stefan DiMera The Dumbest Salemite…Ever?

Days of Our Lives Stefan August 7, 2019Days of Our Lives

Stefan O. DiMera is supposed to be this incredibly smart businessman on Days of Our Lives and as the son of Vivian and Stefano, it would seem he’d certainly have the genes for thinking fast and self-preservation. But, on Tuesday’s episode, he showed no ability for either and really stepped in it.

First, he fell hard for Gabi’s (Camila Banus) seduction ploy and allowed himself to be taken by her. He must have one healthy ego to think a woman he once framed and allowed to go to prison would turn around and be hot for him.

Good lord, Stefan — seriously?? OK, so maybe she has fallen a little for him but she’s got her eyes squarely set on revenge for now, so there looks like there’s very little chance of that changing anytime soon. (OK, it’s DAYS so it may be sooner than we think but still!)

But, that wasn’t even the worst of it in the stupid department! On Tuesday, found a body — that was not moving. You’re in Salem, Stefan! You don’t turn it over, you don’t look at it — you are supposed to quickly leave the premises and call the cops, preferably anonymously. Under NO circumstances do you touch the nearby gun.

It seemed like he had realized that part for a second but no — don’t get your hopes up for this Mensa reject. Proving he has never viewed any episode in the entire Law & Order franchise of shows, Stefan picked up the gun. What?! You never, ever do that!

Dude. You have been barely out of jail (or at least the Salem PD holding area) five minutes for yet another crime you didn’t commit — kidnapping — when you decided to set yourself up for a murder rap? Oy.

Seems like Gabi did DiMera’s stockholders a huge favor by taking over. How could this guy possibly run a company when he makes these kinds of amateur moves? Then again, Stefan being in trouble seems to bring out the heroine in Gabi.

Could he be crazy like a fox? Eh, we doubt it — but we still can’t wait to see what happens next. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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