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How Steve’s Blindness Could Forever Change Days of Our Lives

John, Steve, and Kayla Days of Our LivesJohn, Steve, and Kayla Days of Our Lives

After months of being poisoned by his best friend John, Steve’s now facing the terrifying prospect of going blind on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

While John (Drake Hogestyn) delivered the antidote to the toxic drug just in time to bring Steve (Stephen Nichols) back from the brink of death, some of its effects appear to be irreversible.

Namely, the damage it’s done to Steve’s cornea. Poor Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) had to break the devastating news to her husband that his sight would get progressively worse until he was completely blind.

Imagining the one-eyed daytime hero totally sightless is impossible. Yet, if it happens, it could forever change DAYS and Salem.

Proud, But Petrified
Steve’s trying to play it cool. He knows Kayla has a specialist looking into his condition, and he’s holding out hope it can be reversed.

However, deep down Steve has to be scared as hell. Life as he knows it will completely change.

His days as a PI will be over. His independence will be compromised. The former tough guy is bound to feel like a burden on his wife, which could put a huge strain on their marriage.

Role Reversals
For decades, Steve has been a protector–a man who takes loving care of his wife and children. In the months ahead, those roles could severely shift. Kayla could suddenly find her husband totally dependent on her and having to help him with day-to-day tasks.

Meanwhile, Tripp (Lucas Adams), who’s gotten used to his dad’s sage advice and getting him out of jams, could end up having to ride to his father’s rescue. He might need to encourage Steve not to give up and lead his dad with his own eyes as he adjusts to his new life and navigates through  difficult times.

Unspeakable Guilt
Aside from Steve and his immediate family, his potential blindness would have the greatest impact on John (Drake Hogestyn). Despite knowing he did what he had to – follow ISA orders to kill Steve or risk retaliation against his own family – John will never forgive himself if Steve ultimately goes blind.

He administered the drug that set the horrific outcome in motion. Watching his best friend endure a life without sight would destroy John. He’d likely need to turn to Marlena (Deidre Hall) for help in learning how to come to terms with what he’d done and cope with it. Or maybe he will reject his loved ones altogether…

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