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How DAYS Transformed Robert Scott Wilson from Killer To Anti-Hero

Ciara and Ben Days of Our LivesCiara and Ben Days of Our Lives

Fearing Salem’s Ben Weston is a thing of the past now that Days of Our Lives has transformed Robert Scott Wilson’s serial-killing character into an anti-hero.

It’s a remarkable task, considering the character strangled the life out of a few beloved Salem citizens.

Yet, since Wilson’s return in June, the soap has addressed Ben’s heinous past, had him own up to and repent for his crimes, and very tidily put it all behind him. Three plot turns were used to perfection to make it happen.

Marlena’s Blessing
There’s no better way for a character to gain redemption and be accepted by viewers than to have a prominent town citizen in their corner.

In Ben’s case, it’s been longtime heroine Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). A pillar of virtue in Salem — okay, except for that run where she was possessed by Satan — the psychiatrist is highly admired and respected.

She firmly believes Ben has been rehabilitated, courtesy of counseling and a new medication protocol. If the good doctor trusts and acknowledges it, so should we.

Life Saver
Upon being released from prison, Ben happened upon an unconscious Ciara (Victoria Konefal) lying in the road after a motorcycle accident. He carried her to safety, tended to her wounds, and took care of her for weeks.

Realizing that the injured Ciara might fear being at the mercy of the convicted Necktie Killer, Ben even gave her a knife for protection, should she ever feel threatened by him. Ciara never used it, because, like Marlena, she soon became convinced Ben is a changed man. And she’s even a tad smitten with him.

Abigail Who?
Perhaps tops on the list is the fact that Ben has had absolutely no contact with Abigail (Marci Miller), since returning to Salem. She was the woman he was once totally obsessed with. Ben held her hostage, forced her to give birth in a remote cabin, and kidnapped her infant son hours after she gave birth.

Yet, there’s been no phone call, no email, not even a text! The old Ben would have been on her doorstep wreaking havoc immediately. The new Ben has clearly moved on, because he is a healed man, and one DAYS has somehow transformed into an anti-hero.

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Video Credit: Chrissy Renee

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