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Galen Gering: Hope Should Be Vindicated, Not Vilified

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Rafe wangles a late-night visit to the prison to see Hope on Days of Our Lives and shares some shocking news: Stefano, the man she believes she murdered, is actually alive.

Hope for Hope
It’s all about giving his lady love hope that this horrible nightmare will soon be over. He wants her to believe that she’ll be cleared of Stefano’s “murder” and released… eventually. And the incredible turn of events means almost as much to Rafe as it does to Hope.

“Rafe has had these massive feelings of failure and guilt for a long time,” admits Galen Gering (Rafe). “He made a promise to Bo (Peter Reckell) before he died that he would be there for Hope, regardless if they were together or not.

He promised to look out for her, to be Bo’s eyes to a certain degree and make sure Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and her family were okay. Obviously, Rafe totally failed in that regard, to keep Hope from committing this crime to begin with and then to help her get through it.

He wasn’t able to keep Hope from going to prison, which is something that he had promised her he would do.”

The Search and A Stabbing
To corroborate the fact that Stefano is alive, Rafe explains that he, Steve, Paul,and Marlena have to head to Prague to follow up on a lead. It’s the last place the dastardly DiMera was sighted and they have to find him.

However, before the gang can depart, things take an ominous turn. Rafe learns that Hope has been stabbed.

“Hope’s a cop behind bars so the possibility of something like this happening was there from the minute she was sent to prison,” notes Gering. “Rafe’s always been worried about her safety there.”

Upping the Ante
The turn of events makes the trip to track down Stefano incredibly more urgent. But first, Rafe pays another visit to Hope, who recounts what went down and who was behind it, but refuses to report the culprits.

Although Rafe’s torn about leaving Hope in her hour of need, he realizes it’s the best move he can make in his quest to get her out of from behind bars and back home where she belongs.

“Rafe has been spending all his time trying to figure out ways to get Hope out of prison ever since she got there,” notes Gering. “It’s all he’s thought about. He’s been investigating things. He’s been trying to turn up evidence that will lead to somehow overturning her sentence. Now, he’s finally got something. The best way to help Hope is to go on this [mission].”

Time for Vindication
After all, resolving all this and clearing Hope’s name is personal to Rafe. “Obviously, what Hope did was a criminal act…continue reading on the next page —>

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