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A Fine Feud: Are Days Of Our Lives Fans Enjoying Jen Versus Eve?

Eve and Jennifer Days of Our LivesEve and Jennifer Days of Our Lives

On Days Of Our Lives, the latest mayoral election wasn’t just about who would be the new mayor of Salem. It wasn’t about equitable school financing, trash pick-up, public health, or even illegal immigration.

It was about Jack (Matthew Ashford). It was about Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Eve (Kassie DePaiva)…and which one of them would end up with Jack. Oh, and everything else they’ve fought about since they were teenagers. Are fans enjoying this latest feud go-around? What over 9,000 have to say:

Bring On the Claws
It was close, but ‘yes’ won the day, as 54% of you could watch these two go on and on… and on and on…for days. (Ha, see what we did there?) There is nothing like watching long-time rivals bring all their history and their experience and their grudges to a good, old-fashioned girl feud.

And Jenn and Eve sure have a lot to unpack, even outside of Jack. Fans are always saying that they want to see vets front and center, and that’s the case with all three, here. (Even if Eve used to look a bit different back in the day.)

There are even awesome flashbacks to help bring Jenn and Jack’s romance to life for new viewers — as Eve seethes.

Girl Power
Only a slightly smaller number, 46%, are not amused. It’s kind of offensive, this cat-fighting over a man. Jenn and Eve are grown women. Jenn is a grandmother! Their behavior is hardly the height of maturity, and both actresses deserve better. And, frankly, so does Jack.

Sure, he’s a few cards short of a deck right now, but even he should be able to tell that no one in this triangle is coming off very well. Maybe the three of them should pull themselves together and start acting like grown-ups. Not squabbling children.

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