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EXCLUSIVE: Vincent Irizarry Talks Chloe Baby-Daddy Story Details

Vincent IrizarryVincent Irizarry

The complicated “Who’s the Daddy?” paternity story takes another turn this coming week on Days of Our Lives, when Deimos confronts Chloe after Nicole tricks her into meeting him.

“Nicole believes Deimos has a right to know the truth, ” says Vincent Irizarry (Deimos). “So she brings him to Chloe. Chloe has no idea that he’s going to be there.”

Test Results
What precipitates the whole thing is a conversation Nicole has with Philip. He ‘fesses up that the original paternity test results weren’t doctored. He explains that Kate (Lauren Koslow) wasn’t able to change the DNA samples in time. Hence, the results saying Deimos isn’t the father were authentic.

“After Philip tells Nicole that Deimos really isn’t the father of the baby Chloe’s carrying, she goes to Deimos with the information,” recounts Irizarry. “But Deimos doesn’t believe it.”

And who can blame him? “He’s been getting mixed messages,” notes Irizarry. “The information keeps changing.”

Time for a Meeting
So Nicole (Arianne Zucker) decides to arrange a meeting between her boyfriend and her best friend. “She proves her loyalty to Deimos by doing this,” says Irizarry, adding that the meeting “doesn’t go well. Chloe’s very upset about it.”

Deimos, however, remains unfazed. “He demands another DNA test and Nicole supports him in that,” shares Irizarry. “She feels he has every right to know the truth. Nicole also holds Chloe accountable, because she hasn’t been honest with Deimos or anyone. Nicole’s subtext is, ‘We all want this to end and Deimos has a right to know the truth. You have to give this to him.’ ”

Deimos’s feelings in all this remain the same. “He’s hopeful that this kid is his,” explains Irizarry. “If it’s not, he needs to know that, too. He wants certainty.”

The Daddy Dilemma
He’ll soon get it, but viewers will still be left wondering who actually did father Chloe’s child. Irizarry admits that the cast members involved in the plot – namely, himself, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole) — have been wondering, too.

“As actors we’ve been surprised numerous times,” says Irizarry. “We’ve been like, What?!! Okay. Huh? There have been a lot of sharp turns. Honestly, at the beginning, it was supposed to be Deimos’s child. It was going to happen that way, but it changed. We’ve been on a path going all over the place, and it’s been a lot of fun. There’s a lot of depth to this story.”

And Irizarry, Bjorlin, and Zucker have relished every step of it. “I’ve loved working with Ari on this. We’ve had some wonderful scenes that I’m very proud of the last couple of weeks,” notes Irizarry. “I’ve had great scenes with Nadia, too.

“We’ve had times when we’ve been working on it all and been like, ‘Damn! Where did this come from?’ We’ve been totally surprised on numerous occasions. All of us. It’s been really interesting. It’s going to go on for a while and will take a lot more twists and turns.”

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