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Exclusive: Powerful Flashback of Allie’s Rape Set to Air on Days of Our Lives

Allie and Charlie Days of Our LivesAllie and Charlie Days of Our Lives

There have been accusations and suspects, yet viewers have never seen what actually transpired the night Sami’s daughter was violated in London. But that’s about to change. A flashback of Allie’s rape has already been filmed and is set to air on Days of Our Lives.

“You’ll see it in the next month or two,” reveals Mike Manning, who plays the assailant, Charlie. “We actually shot what happened between Charlie and Allie.”

The Ultimate Challenge

For the two performers involved in the explosive scenes, Manning and actress Lindsay Arnold, it was both a traumatic and challenging undertaking. “That entire week I felt sick. My stomach hurt,” admits Manning, who saw the heaviness of the material take a physical toll on him.

Yet, Manning and Arnold didn’t hold back in portraying the attack. Each actor was determined to play their part in the violent moment that transpired between Charlie and Allie as authentically as possible. In fact, to make sure they were both on the same page, and that it would be reflected in a no-holds-barred performance, Manning and Arnold conferred before tackling the scenes.

Talking It Out

“Lindsay and I had some really honest conversations about it,” explains Manning. “We wanted to do the characters and the story justice. It was an awful thing that Charlie did, and that really happens to people in life. We really wanted to show the ugly side of what happened. We didn’t want to shy away from it.”

Manning has nothing but praise for Arnold’s part in the scenes and her overall portrayal of Allie throughout this whole complex plot. “Lindsay is really great at playing that sweetness, but also somebody who’s always examining everything that’s happening and observing and thinking,” he says.

Charlie’s Twisted Take

Meanwhile, regarding Charlie’s mindset about the attack, Manning insists that “the sexual assault on Allie was never about Allie. It was about Tripp [Lucas Adams]. It was about getting back at Tripp. It was also about Charlie’s jealousy, feeling like Tripp has everything and he has nothing. Charlie has never experienced love at his very core. If you said, ‘What does Charlie want?’ Charlie wants love. But he’s gone about getting it in all the wrong ways.”

Viewers should stay tuned. They won’t want to miss these intense flashbacks. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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