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EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Sean Teases What To Expect From DAYS Exit

Days of Our Lives Christopher SeanDays of Our Lives Christopher Sean

After hearing the news that Christopher Sean would be joining the Star Wars universe, it wasn’t a shock to learn he was exiting his DAYS role… but will it be a happy ending for Paul?

The handsome actor spoke with Soap Hub about where Paul is at currently and a little tease about how the show will be handling Paul’s story when Sean leaves the show after having joined DAYS in 2014.

“He’s caught in the murder mystery, the murder triangle with a blindfold. In the end, I think it’s always been #PoorPaul. He’s always taken the high road, the moral high integrity road.

“I think he’s lied one time on the show and it broke him up so much that he actually told the truth. So with Paul, Paul is such a good dude, such a great dude, I wish I could be more like Paul,” he laughed.

That lie was what drove a wedge between Paul and the man he used to love, Sonny (Freddie Smith). Paul had spotted (his now boyfriend) Will (Chandler Massey) at a bar, very much alive, but because he feared losing Sonny, Paul didn’t tell him. Of course, eventually, Paul confessed.

“I love Paul; Paul’s a nice dude,” declared the handsome actor. So will this nice dude be finishing last — or at all?

“I can definitely say that Paul… is in a position where he’ll be,” he hesitated, not sure how to find the right words that wouldn’t get him in trouble.

“I think DAYS and NBC have kept Paul…in a positive light and so there… I don’t want to give anything away,” he said sweetly. “But I can definitely say that it’s until next time, not goodbye entirely.”

That would seem to indicate that Paul isn’t leaving via a body bag, which is a great thing for fans of the actor. Not like that has necessarily stopped anyone else from returning to Salem.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Devilsophie2

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