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Sybil the Psychic Predicts the Future: Dastardly and Devious Deimos

Deimos on Days of our LivesDeimos on Days of our Lives

Few men have taken Salem by storm the way Deimos has with this sinister ways, but I – Sybil the Psychic – plan to look into his Days of Our Lives future to see what’s ahead for him.

By examining my crystal ball, laying out the cards, and reading the tea leaves, I plan to predict what’s coming up for Deimos (Vincent Irizarry). But I make no promises, because let’s face it – it’s not an exact science (and I’m not really that…talented). Okay, it’s time to dig in.

Near Future
The crystal ball shows that danger continues to swirl around Deimos Kiriakis and his entire family. While they normally are at each other’s throats, now the family will pull together to rid themselves of mutual enemies. Something else is discovered, but it’s a little hard to make out – that is specific to Deimos. Perhaps a changed relationship with a relative will be revealed down the line? Also, he should keep an eye out for a disappointing discovery that could detour his romantic future.

A Few Weeks Down the Line
Deimos reached in and pulled out the Strength card from the tarot deck. This card is the rawest form of power and with it comes a warning to control your actions or emotions before they damage you or the people you care about. Regarding the past, you have both physical and mental strength and it served you well. Presently, do not turn down any offers that will change your future. As for the future, there is a strong energetic release in his future that could lead to major life change and the chance to improve his life.

Long Forecast
In reading the consultant’s tea leaves at the bottom of the cup, there looks to be a marriage in the future – either Deimos or someone close to him. This will be a happy occasion, which is needed because there will be some tremendous obstacles before that takes place. He will need to stick to his current path if success and happiness are to be his future.

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