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Soap Hub Exclusive Interview: Christopher Sean Teases Sonny/Paul Dangerous Storyline!

Christopher Sean on Days of our LivesChristopher Sean on Days of our Lives

Former lovers Paul and Sonny have been stuck in the friend zone for months, with Sonny unable to move on since the death of his husband, Will. However, there’s hope for “Paulson” fans moving forward, as the Days of Our Our Lives pair slowly begins finding their way back to one another.

The first step happens the week of October 10, when the escaped cons wreaking havoc in Salem rig an explosion–and Paul ends up one of the victims.

Sonny to the Rescue
“Paul’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up severely hurt,” recounts Christopher Sean (Paul). “He’s knocked to a point where he may or may not live. He’s bleeding out and unconscious. Sonny finds him and does everything he can to save Paul’s life.”

When Paul comes to, Sonny’s (Freddie Smith) there beside him. It stirs up some old feelings between the twosome.

“When you find someone you care about hurt, it reminds you of how fragile we are as humans,” says Sean. “It rekindles the positives [between you]. You reminisce about all the great things you shared… This is going to positively affect Paul and Sonny’s relationship.

A Special Moment
“They end up sharing a pretty special moment,” continues Sean. “When we were doing the scenes, I remember thinking, This is great writing. It’s a positive heartfelt moment. Paul’s always loved Sonny, but Sonny hasn’t been emotionally available to him. This may be the catalyst to help him open up a little more towards Paul.”

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Days of our Lives writers have been carefully scripting Paul and Sonny’s path back to one another, making sure to move slowly out of respect for the deceased Will. “That character was so important to the community and to all the viewers,” notes Sean. “This is a strong transition, and we have to do it with grace.”

A Happy Return
Sean, who’d been languishing on the storyline back burner after Freddie Smith exited the soap, was glad to see the actor finally return as Sonny. “Freddie is a great dude,” shares Christopher. “I’m ecstatic to have him back. I get to work more, and I get to be around one of my good friends.”

Following the post-explosion moment, expect Paul and Sonny to have some serious discussion about what transpired. Then, a third party from Paul’s past re-enters the picture to make things even more interesting. But, Paul’s end game will always be Sonny.

Love Conquers All
“Sonny is Paul’s true love. He’s the one who got away,” insists Sean, noting that every time Sonny has referred to them as “just friends” in recent weeks, “it’s been like turning a knife in his heart. Paul will do everything and anything he can to get Sonny back.”

As for what Sean can tease about Paul and Sonny’s future, he says, “Love conquers all. And if you keep your eyes locked on the show, you’re definitely going to see the fires burn brighter for the couple… and Sonny maybe coming to his senses about Paul. Eventually, both of them will have to sit down and reconcile what their issues are and figure out where they want their future to lead; whether they should just be friends or move forward romantically.”

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