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Days of our Lives’ Robert Scott Wilson: Ciara’s Plan ‘Crushes’ Ben

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The nightmare of his wife not remembering him, let alone loathing him, takes a more gut-wrenching turn for Days of our Lives’ Ben when Ciara reveals she wants to leave town – with Theo! It’s a plot twist sure to incense “Cin” fans, but how does actor Robert Scott Wilson feel about it? He shared his thoughts during a recent interview.

Robert Scott Wilson Previews CIN

How do you feel about the current Ben-Ciara strife?
“It’s fantastic. We needed to switch things up, [do something with] any type of shock value, anything to get people talking. It’s not necessarily what the “Cinners” want, what the fans want, but it makes people react and feel something. So the payoff will be that much greater down the road.

Victoria Konefal (Ciara) has said it’s been tough for her to play these scenes where she really hates Ben. Has that been hard for you, too?
They never really have any light days at the office for Ben. It’s always a heavy workload in front of me. It certainly hasn’t been easy, for sure. And it’s hard to watch in some ways. Somebody who Ben’s been so close with and had been striving to find is finally back in his life again, but she’s completely forgotten who he is. That’s been a little bit of a challenge to play, but it’s fun because it’s different.

Do you see any upside to all of it?
It’s another hurdle for Ben and Ciara to get over, and to build this couple stronger and stronger over time. It’s really about just reaping the rewards afterward; keeping trust in the process and letting love win. Ben’s never going to stop loving Ciara. There’s always going to be a piece of her in him. It will just fuel his fire more [to win her back].

Ben learns Ciara wants to exit Salem with Theo (Cameron Johnson). How does the whole thing come about?
Ben goes by the hospital to do his thing and try to get Ciara to remember him. She says they can’t see each other any more, they can’t do anything, because she’s going to South Africa. She drops the bomb on him. She wants to run away from everything. She’s afraid of it. And she wants to go away with Theo, the one person who seems to be on her side.

What’s Ben’s reaction to that?
The scenes are gut-wrenching. Ben can’t believe it’s really happening. It’s his worst nightmare. He just got her back and now she’s going to a place that’s so distant and with another man. It’s crushing to him.

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How does this impact Ben’s impression of Theo?
He understands that Theo is a nice guy, and he wants to believe that he’s being a good friend [to Ciara]. But as this story unfolds, he sees that Theo is in it for his own reasons. Yeah, Theo’s this nice guy, but at the end of the day, he wants to take off with Ben’s wife, who has amnesia. So Ben really can’t think too highly of him. He pretty much has to fight himself not to grab a necktie and take care of business.

Have you had any interesting interactions with fans during all of this?
The fans have been incredible. They are all so up in arms about what’s happening with Ciara. But this is a soap opera and we’ve got some writers that are putting out a wild story. I’m grateful to be along for the process. The fans always have my back. It’s overwhelming.

I really can’t even say how grateful I am to the more and more fans who have come on board, even though they’re not thrilled where everything is at. But they’re along for the ride. That’s all I can ask them to do. It’s awesome to see how much they care.

What are Ben’s thoughts knowing Ciara’s plan? Does he still have hope for the two of them?
He’s always trying to be hopeful. He’s always trying to keep his faith. He kind of knows the track record and where’s Ciara is at, and he’s seen no signs of any success, right now. But he’s hanging onto hope.

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