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Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Tried To Run Down Ciara?

Claire and Ciara Days of Our LivesClaire and Ciara Days of Our Lives

Ciara is pretty sure she knows who tried to run her down outside The Brady Pub on Days Of Our Lives. But what if she’s wrong? We did some thinking outside the box about the possible suspects. What do you think of our suggestions?

Days of Our Lives Poll: Crossing Jordan?

Ciara (Victoria Konefal) crossed Jordan (Chrishell Hartley), all right. Ciara committed the unforgivable sin of falling in love with Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), even though Jordan keeps insisting he’s evil through and through, just like his dad.

Oh, and Ciara also didn’t go up in flames that time Jordan tried to save her and Charlotte for the big, bad, Ben. So Ciara has no doubt Jordan was the one driving the car that almost hit her. How about you?

Out Of the Past

Claire (Oliva Rose Keegan) also tried to burn Ciara alive — that girl is just fire-proof, that’s what she is! And while Jordan has been released from the looney bin, last we saw Claire, that’s where she was being shipped off to.

Claire seems like the Girl, Interrupted runaway type, doesn’t she? And once she’d escaped and was hell-bent on murder, car theft would practically seem like a misdemeanor!

Heart Of the Matter

Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) needs a heart. Ciara has one. They’re even related, which makes it more likely they’d be a genetic match. (Though, no, Julie isn’t Ciara’s grandmother. She is her step-grandmother. And her biological aunt. Julie and Hope are also half-sisters.)

Doug probably wouldn’t mow down his own granddaughter. Maybe it’s Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), trying to make up for the debacle with the not-quite-dead Kate (Lauren Koslow). (Yes, yes, we know, she’s Ciara’s aunt, too. It’s a very incestuous show.) Ok, we know this didn’t really happen.

Don’t Drink and Drive
It’s a pub. People drive there. They drive back. Sometimes they drive drunk. Accidents happen, Ciara.

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