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Days of our Lives Poll Results: Hattie and Roman For the Win?

Roman and Hattie Days of Our LivesRoman and Hattie Days of Our Lives

Let’s face it, John (Drake Hogysten) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) are never breaking up for good on Days of our Lives. Not even if one of them is dead. (We’ve tried that already.)

Days of our Lives Polling

Which leaves Roman (Josh Taylor) without the love of his life. And not much to do except tend bar and offer advice nobody listens to. Should he opt for the next best thing? Lookalike Hattie? We’ve got almost 9,000 votes to parse!

Why the Heck Not?

Yeah, sure, whatever, 75% shrug, unable to summon up much passion, but equally unable to think of a reason for them not. Hattie is close enough to Marlena. As long as she doesn’t open her mouth. (One time she did it, she ended up throwing up on Roman. Nobody wants an encore of that, either.)

They need someone, and the other is there. Hattie is ready, willing, and able. And Roman is… bored?

Weird Is as Weird Does

Too weird, a much smaller 25% of Days of our Lives fans dismiss. It’s bad enough that Roman no longer looks like the Roman that Marlena first fell in love with. In fact, he looks weirdly like Chris Kositchek. So, as we said, weird.

But it’s even weirder that Hattie looks so much like Marlena. How is she supposed to believe that it’s her that Roman truly loves?

We know she doesn’t care, and we know that he doesn’t. That’s not a way to start off a relationship! That’s a promise that it will be ending shortly!

Maybe neither of them can actually do better, but they deserve to give it a try. Roman, look, there’s Kate (Lauren Koslow), again! And, Hattie, you were just raving about how SteVano (Stephen Nichols) was looking at you. Maybe he’s willing to go for second best.

Because John and Marlena? They’re never breaking up. See above. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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