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Salem’s Citizens Pull Together to Get Rid of Terrible Trio

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It has been a terrifying and tense-filled week on Days of Our Lives.

The escaped convicts continued their reign of terror over Salem’s fine citizens, but infighting and miscalculations have enabled a couple of wins for the good guys. Unfortunately, Abe’s life continues to hang by a thread after being shot by Clyde, while Theo (Kyler Pettis) got his hands on a gun and searched for an opportunity to deliver retribution. But, it was the way Friday ended – with Orpheus promising to kill every single person and burn Salem to the ground – that lets us know that this siege is far from over.

The Joey and Orpheus Show
Despite being held hostage for most of the week, Joey (James Lastovic) was able to participate in some great drama. He helped Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) escape, though she did a lot of the work, and he was on the receiving end of one of Orpheus’s (George DelHoyo) soliloquies, as the older man waxed poetic about his love for his children and their rejection. We can’t help but wonder if Joey internalized the insight and perhaps will be kinder to his father now that he’s finally free. As for Orpheus, he may be a bad guy, but anytime he has a monologue, you know you’re in for something great. Heck, it was hilarious to simply watch him fill out a crossword puzzle!

Trio Infighting
Frankly, any scene with Orpheus is worth watching, but especially when he’s trying to school his cohorts about how he’s infinitely superior to them. Clyde (James Read) almost popped a blood vessel trying to prove that he’s just as smart as the lead convict, but it’s so obvious he falls short in that department. Luckily for Clyde, there’s someone even lower on the evil totem pole. He got his own shots in when he told Xander (Paul Telfer) to stop whining about having to work on his own. Simply scary isn’t fun, but funny scary– that’s another story, and we’re loving it.

Mother and Child Reunion
How awesome it was to have the Johnson Family reunion held at The Brady Pub. It would have been nicer if Steve (Stephen Nichols) had holstered his gun before hugging his loving family. Other gunplay that was almost laughable was when Orpheus and John (Drake Hogestyn) were holding a gun on each other but neither taking a shot. What was stopping either — other than needing to draw the story out?!

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