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Chloe’s Side: Nadia Bjorlin Defends Her Days of Our Lives Character

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Nicole goes the kidnapping route–again–when snatches Holly on Days of Our Lives.

First, Nicole lets Deimos know that they are over and done – for good. With her unscrupulous fiancé out of the picture, Nicole hopes she can have a heart-to-heart with Chloe and convince her to give Holly back. So, she heads over to Chloe’s hotel room for a chat.

Leaving Salem
Meanwhile, Chloe, who’s been granted full custody of the baby, is already making plans for her future with Holly, which includes relocating to New York to be closer to her parents, Craig and Nancy.

“Now that court has agreed with her, it’s sort of given Chloe more confidence and strengthened her resolve to keep Holly,” explains Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). “The judge ruling in Chloe’s favor validated the point that she’s been trying to make all along, which is that Holly is safer with her.”

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Nevertheless, does Chloe feel some guilt over taking Nicole’s baby girl away from her?

All Bets Are Off
“Absolutely,” insists Bjorlin. “Chloe feels so strongly and has these convictions, but at the same time there is that voice in her head going, ‘This is your best friend.’ Chloe wishes things didn’t turn out this way… that everything didn’t get so out of control and so crazy. All along, it was supposed to be simple, if you can call surrogacy simple. Chloe was going to carry this child for Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) and give them the baby they wanted.”

But once Daniel died and Nicole got involved with Deimos (Vincent Irizarry), all bets were off. “Nicole has fallen for a person who is dangerous with criminal attachments,” notes Bjorlin. “She’s been arrested and is constantly making bad decisions. So Chloe has got to do what she feels is right. Chloe is heartbroken that she’s had to go to these extremes and that it all turned out like this. It’s a pretty horrible situation.”

Bye Bye Baby
And it gets worse when Nicole arrives at Chloe’s door. “She shows…continue reading on the next page —>

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