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Which Woman Did You Like Best for Rafe?

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Rafe has been paired with an array of Salem beauties over the years on Days of Our Lives.

He started out protecting Sami, when she was in the witness protection program. Of course, their romance got derailed because of EJ’s interference.

Rafe (Galen Gering), however, soon moved on by having a fling with Kate. And, of late, he’s been professing his love to Hope. Over 7,000 cast their vote on which woman they think was best for Rafe.

Holding Out Hope
The Rafe/Hope love story has captured the hearts of 57% of fans, who believe this romance is tops. You find the fact that Rafe and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) are both cops to be a major bonding factor between them.

They totally get one other and have what it takes to go the distance. Bo giving the pair his blessing before he died makes it all the more special.

Devoted to Sami
According to 41% of you, Sami (Alison Sweeney) will always be Rafe’s one and only true love. If it wasn’t for EJ’s meddling, they’d probably be together to this day.


He helped keep Sami on the straight and narrow, and she spiced up his by-the-book life. It was a perfect case of opposites who were meant to be.

The Kate Connection
A small 2% of you enjoyed Rafe’s surprise pairing with Kate (Lauren Koslow) most of all and feel she was the best woman for him. While their affair was totally unexpected, it worked.

There were no pretenses between Rafe and Kate. They accepted each other as they were, and that’s what made them perfect together.

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