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Who Will Save Hope from Aiden on Days of Our Lives?

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Aiden Jennings has backed Hope into a corner on Days of Our Lives.

He knows that she was the one who killed Stefano DiMera, and he is using it to make her give them another shot. If she doesn’t comply, he plans to make Hope (Kristian Alfonso) go to prison, along with those who helped her cover it up – Rafe and Roman. Soap Hub asked who you think will save Hope from Aiden.

Love Will Save the Day
After over 4,500 votes were tallied, 75% of you chose Rafe (Galen Gering) as the one who will help extricate Hope from this mess she’s gotten herself into. It’s safe to say, considering how much he loves her, that Rafe would be the most motivated to free his lady love from Aiden’s grasp. He’s a great cop, and you believe he will figure out the best way to get the goods on Aiden. Once that happens, you can bet he will let nothing stand between them again.

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A Friend Indeed
It seems that 15% think that Marlena (Deidre Hall) will step up and help Hope out of her quandary. You know that Marlena already suspects something is wrong with her former sister-in-law, and she’s just the right person for Hope to confide in. Marlena knows how people tick, and you believe she can figure out the best way to manipulate Aiden into letting Hope go once and for all.

Family Matters
At least 11% think that Top Cop and Hope’s former brother-in-law, Roman Brady (Josh Taylor), will be the one to stop Aiden. After all, it affects him too and there’s no way he will want to go prison. He also knows his brother Bo would never stop haunting him if he allowed anything to happen to his Fancy Face. You believe in Roman, and you expect him to squash Aiden like the bug he is.

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