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Meet the Many Faces of Kate!

Days of Our Lives, Lauren KoslowDays of Our Lives, Lauren Koslow

Kate has been a force to be reckoned with over the years on Days of Our Lives.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) has weathered many battles, gone through her share of husbands and lovers, and manipulated and pulled strings to exact control over her children’s lives.

Throughout it all, Kate has shown many sides of herself to viewers. Soap Hub asked which Kate fans like best, and over 4,500 of you responded.

Falling-in-Love Kate
A softer, gentler Kate, the person she becomes when she’s falling in love, is the woman 45% of you prefer. You fondly remember her marriage to Victor (John Aniston) and the good times they shared, and, years later, her devotion to husband, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).

Romance has always given Kate a chance to show her vulnerable side. At the moment, you’re liking her relationship with Eduardo (A Martinez) and looking forward to seeing where it leads.


Butt-Kicking Kate
According to 33% of you, Kate is at her all-time finest when she’s kicking butt. You still vividly recall her battles with Vivian, Sami, Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and more; and the hell she put each of her adversaries through. She was tough as nails. That’s the Kate you enjoy watching best – a strong, resilient fighter.

Fierce Mama Kate
Nobody puts the “fierce” into mama like Kate, say 22% of you. Cross one of her children, and you’ve crossed her. And there will be hell to pay.

While, at times, you acknowledge that her meddling and manipulating has gone way too far, you still admire how she will do anything to get what she believes is best for her kids. She takes the phrase, Mama knows best, to a new a level.

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