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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Recap: Will Carrie Come Between Rafe And Hope?

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The Days of Our Lives (DOOL) recap for February 1 features Carrie making her mark in Salem very quickly – first with her parents and then with a bombshell she lays on Rafe.

Cat’s Out of the Bag
Rafe (Galen Gering) was over the moon when Hope showed him their wedding invitation. Carrie interrupted and said there wouldn’t be any wedding because she plans to sue them both for false arrest. She lambasted them for turning on Roman after he covered for Hope.

Carrie got emotional as she said she couldn’t lose both her parents. She was reunited with them, scolded Roman, and said she was going to get both of them out, which she did. Later, Carrie let Rafe know she knows he cheated on Hope (Kristian Alfonso).

On the Case
Paul (Christopher Sean) and Will (Chandler Massey) were shocked when John (Drake Hogestyn) showed up at Will’s. He told them Steve’s got something more serious than the flu and then John asked for Paul’s help with the Anna case.

Paul distracted John so Will could search John’s jacket at the Pub. He found a watermark on Anna’s note and John thought he knew who it was who wrote it. Outside, Paul learned that Will didn’t find anything but Will said he wanted to go to the cops because Steve needs the help.

He visited Hope and said he wanted to talk about John. Meanwhile, John found out who wrote the note and told Roman and Paul. Afterwards, Paul told John he had something serious to tell him.

Stefan (Tyler Christopher) reminded Vivian (Louise Sorel) she asked him to kill his own brother. She said that Stefano would have taken out Andre for becoming nice and it could have landed them in jail so he had to go.

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At least they’re safe now – but Stefan reminded Vivian that wasn’t true — John Black is still a threat since he’s researching them for Chad (Billy Flynn).

Abby (Marci Miller) once again had the dream in which Andre tried to tell her who killed him but Chad woke her up before Andre could tell her. He then asked Abby to say something at the funeral so she wrote down her feelings.

Chad walked in on Stefan telling Vivian that Chad still wants to take over DiMera and Chad admitted it was true. Still, they all headed to the mausoleum for Andre’s funeral.

Incident At A Funeral
Earlier, Kate (Lauren Koslow) kept flashing back to bad times with Andre but still toasted him. Will saw her drinking alone and showed he was worried about her.

At Andre’s funeral, Chad and Abby spoke about Andre as Vivian noticed someone shocking arrived.

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Video Credit: Scotty McCoy

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