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THIS Character Deserves A Bigger Story on DAYS

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Some of Salem’s most prominent citizens are seriously lacking in the storyline department on Days of Our Lives.

While viewers may see their faces on a regular basis, characters like Roman (Josh Taylor), Jennifer and a few others have been relegated to back-burner status. They’re no longer driving the action like they have in the past. These days, they’re simply around as peripheral players. Soap Hub asked fans which character you think deserves a bigger storyline, and over 3,000 of you cast your votes.

Those of you who remember Roman’s introduction to the soap, back when Wayne Northrop created the character and he was a pivotal part of Salem, can’t believe he’s become so nonessential.

As a result, 49% of you believe he deserves more story. Having inherited the role of patriarch of the Brady family, you feel Roman should be seen and heard more often — and not just at the Salem PD.

You loved the scenes where Hattie was flirting with him and think the soap should pursue that romance. It’s been years since Roman has had one.

Over a third of fans, 34%, can’t believe the disintegration of Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), over the years, and want to see her front and center again.

Once one of the show’s lead heroines and half of the Jack and Jen supercouple, she’s now a shadow of her former self. All Jen does these days is dole out advice to her kids, Abigail and JJ. She needs a lead storyline of her own – pronto!

While Adrienne’s battle with breast cancer has finally meant more airtime for Justin (Wally Kurth), 10% of you think it’s too little, too late.

You’re happy to see the character supporting his ex-wife in her time of need, but can’t believe he was lingering in the background until now.

Your wish is that Justin and Adrienne reunite and that the soap concentrates on the pair more in the new year. They’ve got other sons out there besides Sonny. Bringing another one to the canvas would be a good way to spice things up.

Why did Days bring back Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) if they weren’t going to utilize him? That’s the question 7% of you are asking. While he was initially part of the failed Summer plot twist, everything fell apart when she was written off the show.

Since then, Dario’s had little to do but listen to Gabi’s problems about her love life. It’s a total waste of time and talent.

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