Why Sarah Horton Needs Her Days of our Lives Attitude Adjusted

Didn’t Sarah Horton give that up with the divorce papers?

days of our lives xander cook looks not happy as sarah horton looks madDoes Sarah have a right to be mad at Xander Cook?

Sarah Horton made it clear to Xander that they were never, ever getting back together on Days of our Lives. She also explained that he was a horrible person, she couldn’t forgive him for the horrible things he’d done, so he’d better sign these divorce papers she brought over — or else! Xander did as Sarah asked. And then he slept with Gwen. Sarah was incensed. But did she have any right to be?

Days of our Lives: Hateful Eight

Yes, Sarah (Linsay Godfrey) has every right to hate Gwen (Emily O’Brien). Gwen did have her kidnapped. Gwen did dose her to mess with her brain. Gwen did keep her from Xander for months. Gwen is a terrible person. Sarah is free to go on hating Gwen forever. But she doesn’t get to determine who Gwen sleeps with. And the same goes for Xander (Paul Telfer).

Good For the DAYS Goose

Xander did lie to Sarah. Xander did kidnap Susan Banks (Stacy Haiduk). Xander did sleep with Gwen. Sarah is free to go on hating Xander forever. But she doesn’t get to determine who Xander sleeps with. She divorced him, remember? And thus ends her right to weigh in on his romantic life. She doesn’t get to be high and mighty, and she doesn’t get to offer an opinion. They are done forever. That’s how she wanted it.

Sarah Horton: Triple Play

It’s obvious that Sarah isn’t just mad at Xander’s choice of bedmates. It’s obvious she isn’t just jealous in general. It’s obvious that she still loves Xander and wouldn’t want him sleeping with anyone ever again. Gwen is just an easy target.

Love triangles are a Salem staple. But if we’re supposed to invest in this one, we need to like, or at least root for, two out of three parties. Right now, Xander, the kidnapper, is the one coming off best. It would be nice if one of the women did, too.

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