Who Is Playing Whom on Days of our Lives: Nicole v. Sloan Petersen?

How will Eric Brady handle two scheming DAYS women?

sloan petersen and nicole walker on days of our lives.Should Nicole Walker really trust Sloan about this?

Neither Nicole nor Sloan Petersen are exactly innocents on Days of our Lives. And they certainly aren’t stupid. The women have a lot more in common than their attraction to Eric. They are both smart, conniving, and opportunistic. So when it comes to Sloan offering to help Nicole figure out who the father of her baby is, we have to wonder, who is playing whom?

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Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) told Nicole (Arianne Zucker) she doesn’t need a cheek swab from both potential daddies. She only needs one, from either Eric (Greg Vaughan) or EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). They can test it against Nicole’s fetus, and based on who matches and who doesn’t, extrapolate the rest.

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Sloan, who claims to be just as desperate to know the truth as Nicole, offered to get the DNA sample for Nicole. But since when is Nicole such a trusting soul? If it crossed our minds, then it certainly must have crossed Nicole’s that Sloan could deliberately bring in a total stranger’s gene pool, claim it’s Eric’s, and then wait for Kayla to announce that it doesn’t match — EJ is obviously the baby’s father.

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But Nicole isn’t that dumb. What if this is all a setup for Sloan? Nicole will pretend to believe her, then she’ll get her own sample from EJ. She’ll give both to Kayla to test, and if the results come back the way Nicole obviously wants — with Eric, not EJ as the daddy — she can go running to Eric.

Nicole can tell him that not only is he going to be a father, as he has always dreamed, but that his current girlfriend tried to keep Eric from finding out! If Eric turned on Nicole after blaming her for Jada’s (Elia Cantu) abortion, surely, he will be just as brutal with Sloan if he knows she kept him from his baby…with Nicole.

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