Will Sloan Petersen Want to Get Pregnant on Days of our Lives?

Should Sloan beat Nicole Walker to the baby punch?

days of our lives sloan petersen get competitive with nicole walker.Will Sloan Petersen want to get pregnant since Nicole is?

Sloan Petersen made a big show of needing to get her birth control pill prescription renewed on Days of our Lives. (Though we are still a bit confused about who takes their pill in the middle of the day? What happens if that alarm of hers goes off while she’s in court? Does she call a recess? Does she tell the judge why?)

Days of our Lives Polling

But no sooner had Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) let us know that she’s a responsible adult than Sloan found out Nicole (Arianne Zucker) was pregnant — and the baby may be Eric’s (Greg Vaughan). Will this potential news make Sloan want to fight fire with fire? Or baby with baby?

DAYS: Take Your Time

We just saw Sloan swallow the last pill in her pack, 19% remind. This means even if she does decide to give Eric the child he’s always wanted, it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Nicole will still have a head start on her. And if her little bundle of joy turns out to be Eric’s, then Sloan’s kids will just be an also-ran.

Sloan Petersen: Days of our Lives Bad Mother

Sloan isn’t the maternal type, 39% judge, based on pretty much nothing. In fact, the one time we saw Sloan interact with a child, it was Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) during Eric and Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) ill-advised kidnapping attempt. And Sloan was terrific. Rachel had a great time. She’s also pretty maternal with her brother. But Sloan isn’t Eric’s One True Pairing. Which means she’d make a lousy mom, too.

Days of our Lives: First Place

Sloan doesn’t like to lose, which is what convinced 42% of you that she will absolutely try to beat Nicole to the baby punch. If she can tell Eric he’s going to be a daddy before Nicole knows whether that’s true for her, too, then she will definitely be ahead in the race. Alas, the prize is still Eric.

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