Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Steve Burton

The actor pulled out the arsenal and found a balance between strength, honesty, and vulnerability.

steve burton days of our lives performer of the week.Steve Burton as Harris Michaels.

As hard man Harris Michaels, DAYS’ Steve Burton isn’t exactly given much chance to display any…well…emotion, outside, say, for example, brave heart bravado. But in his scenes opposite Tamara Braun’s equally broken Ava Vitali, Burton was able to bring an array of sentiments to the table.

Steve Burton — Performer of the Week

While Braun’s alter-ego filled his Harris in on a tale of woe — and what a tale it was — the normally brooding Burton telegraphed concern, surprise, and understated empathy. He kept his focus squarely on Braun, making direct eye contact when appropriate.

Harris put several questions to Ava, some of them slightly probing in nature, but Burton asked them in such a congenial manner as to not sound as if he were prying.

He also offered to open up about his own struggles — after all, what were they there for if not to talk to, listen to, and learn from one another?

There was an appreciated earnestness put forth by Burton as Harris attempted to reconcile his murderous rampage with the man, the hero he always believed himself to be. “The physical warfare, the psychological warfare, SEALs are trained to withstand it all, and I couldn’t resist orders to kill two innocent people? … I always thought of myself as this elite warrior. Invincible, you know?”

Tears momentarily welled in Burton’s eyes, but he fought them back. A noticeable resolve settled upon his face. “All I know now is, I’m done. I’m done walking around worrying that any moment I can become somebody else’s pawn.”

Honorable Mention: Tamara Braun

Steve Burton’s costar had the unenviable task of dumping a shedload of exposition, but rather than adroitly vomit reams of dialogue, Braun effortlessly imbued the words with vigor and verve and pitch-perfect melancholy.

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