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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Harris And Ava Fall For Each Other

Is Bayview the place for romantic DAYS?

days spoilers speculation with harris and ava hugging at bayview.Will Ava fall for Harris Michaels?

DAYS spoilers have made one thing clear: A mental hospital is a great place to run into old friends – and make new ones. First, Harris Michaels recalled his happy high school days with Eve Donovan. (She didn’t remember them nearly as fondly.) And now he is helping to reunite Ava Vitali with her estranged son, Tripp Johnson. Since they’re buddies and confidants, could Harris and Ava fall in love, too?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Bide Your Time

The sensible thing to do, if they want to embark on any sort of relationship, is to wait until they are both out of the hospital. Which means they are both, you know, well. A relationship where one person is still struggling with mental health issues is bad enough. One where both are in recovery seems like a recipe for disaster.

Keep Your Distance

If there is one thing that Harris (Steve Burton) and Ava (Tamara Braun) have made clear, it’s that these two can never fully recover. They can, at best, function. But they are much more likely to relapse than to stay on the straight and non-criminal narrow. Which means the only smart thing to do for these two is to stay as far apart as possible. In and out of Bayview.

DAYS Spoilers: Meant To Be

But since when have either Harris or Ava opted for doing the smart thing? When given the choice between sensible and scary twisted, they’ll go for the latter every single time. Sure, Ava told us a sad story about how all her crazy stems from her father taking away baby Tripp (Lucas Adams).

And we know Harris was brainwashed. Multiple times. But just because they know what drives them over the edge doesn’t mean they know how to avoid going down that path again. Together, they can do even more damage. Which is fun for everyone involved. Especially us.

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